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Registration Information

Our seminar is divided into individual, day-by-day courses, allowing you to attend either one, two, or three days. When you attend less than the full three days, we highly recommend you attend the first day as the procedures shared in all the projects will only be covered on the first day to eliminate redundancies. See Seminar Outline for more information.

Registration Includes:

Seminar materials, refreshments during breaks, and a certificate of completion.

Seminar materials are distributed only to seminar participants.


If notified in writing of your need to cancel 30 or more days prior to the scheduled event, BigBlast will return all paid fees less an administrative assessment of $150. Registrants cancelling within 30 days of scheduled event will receive a certificate permitting registrants to attend any BigBlast seminar within 3 calendar years. Cancellation certificates are transferable.

Notice of Disclaimer:

The content of this Seminar is for informational and educational purposes only. Attendance and participation at this Seminar does not qualify any person, nor provide any of the requisite expertise training necessary, to in any way participate in the implosion industry, nor does it qualify one to instruct others regarding the design and engineering of implosion. Any representation, oral or written, expressed or implied, by BigBlast LLC that the content of this Seminar is for any purpose other than informational or educational, is hereby disclaimed by BigBlast LLC.

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